Recovery Friendly Community Policy Initiative

Project Overview

The focus of this project is to educate policy makers and other interested parties in what they can do to help the members of their community who are in recovery. Stigma negatively impacts folks ability to overcome barriers, specifically with Substance Use Disorder. Education of local policy makers, town officials, and community members can help reduce stigma and improve outcomes for all. The goal for a recovery friendly community is for the community’s programs and policies to make it easier for its members with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) to achieve and maintain recovery.  This can be accomplished through:  

1. Access to treatment facilities  

2. Programming drug/ alcohol-free entertainment  

3. Discouraging & educating around stigma  

4. Recovery friendly housing  

5. Recovery friendly workplaces 

6. Healthy community relationships and environment


Green Peak Alliance Partners: Turning Point Recovery Center of Springfield, VT, Mount Ascutney Regional Commission


January 2021 – Present

Project Resources

Recommendations on Establishing a Recovery-Friendly Community

Anti Stigma Training

Anti Stigma Training for Community Members/ Policy Makers/ Interested parties

Brochure for Turning Point Recovery Center of Springfield, VT