For Your Health

Project Overview

For Your Health is a television program produced by our organization. Show episodes focus on substance misuse prevention and mental health, and have included a range of topics — from the importance of mentoring to the science of marijuana to supporting children’s wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. For Your Health features interviews with local and state experts including social workers, college professors, and State of Vermont health officials. Each episode includes resources where viewers can find more information and help. For Your Health airs on Vermont Community Access TV as well as the Green Peak Alliance YouTube channel. 

For Your Health highlights and defines substance misuse prevention. Substance misuse prevention applies to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or  socioeconomic background. This project was undertaken to inform Vermont audiences on substance misuse and substance misuse prevention. The series provided a platform for many local mental health nonprofits to share their messaging and how it ties in with our mission of substance misuse prevention. The show provided viewers with information on how they could help themselves by taking healthier steps in their lives (e.g., alternatives to self-medicating), as well as  resources (e.g. Vermont Helplink, Turning Point contact info., etc.) they could turn to for support.


Green Peak Alliance Partners: Vermont Department of Health

Community Organizations: The Family Place, Mount Ascutney Hospital and Health Care Center, Veterans Affairs, Mentor Vermont, The Turning Point, Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Care Center, HIV/HCV Resource Center, Bennington County’s State’s Attorney




Episodes of For Your Health were aired on YouTube and cable television channels. Videos were also shared across social media platforms.

Project Resources

June 2021: Substance Use Disorder – Help and Hope in the Emergency Department

To save lives, Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Care Center (MAHHC) offers rapid access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for people who arrive in the Emergency Department after an overdose or who are seeking help for an opioid use disorder.

For Your Health guests Jill Lord, Director of Community Health at MAHHC and Dr. Richard Marasa, Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at MAHHC, explain how the emergency department connects patients to MAT, recovery coaches, and other ongoing supports.

March 2021: Supporting Vermont’s Military Families Affected by Deployment

Host Elizabeth Kelsey interviews Nicholas Thomas, Military & Family Readiness Specialist, and Rachel Newton, a military spouse, about supporting Vermont’s families during the state’s deployment of over 1,000 service members this year.

December 2020: Preventing Overdose Death

This episode’s guest is Ryan Fowler, Harm Reduction Coordinator with the HIV/HCV Resource Center.

November 2020: Vermont’s Good Samaritan Law

In 2013, the Vermont Legislature passed the Good Samaritan Law. Under the law, people who call 911 for help, or people who are overdosing, will not be prosecuted for drug possession. The law is intended to prevent overdose deaths. In this episode, Erica A. Marthage, Esq., Bennington County’s State’s Attorney, explains the how the law works.

September 2020: The ABC’s of Substance Misuse Prevention

Host Elizabeth Kelsey talks with Claudia Marieb, Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant VT Department of Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs, about what we mean when we talk about substance misuse prevention; how public policy affects prevention statewide; as well as primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.

June 2020: Early Childhood Development & Substance Misuse Prevention

This episode features a conversation with Nancy Bloomfield, Executive Director, and Tonya McMurray, Clinical Director, of The Family Place in Norwich, Vermont.

April 2020: Helping Families Through the Coronavirus Public Health Crisis

Host Elizabeth Kelsey talks with Courtney McKaig, Family Wellness Coach & Behavior Specialist, about strategies for families during COVID-19.

February 2020: The Importance of Mentoring with Vermont’s Mentor of the Year

Vermont’s 2019 Mentor of the Year, Kasia Sosnow, and her mentee, Sophie, talk about the importance of mentoring.

November 2019: A Vermont Perspective on Vaping

Host Elizabeth Kelsey talks with Dr. Mark Levine, Vermont’s Commissioner of Health, about vaping: What’s causing the lung injuries and deaths we’ve seen in the U.S.? And why are so many young people becoming addicted to vaping? What is the situation like in Vermont?

September 2019: Celebrating Recovery

Host Elizabeth Kelsey and Mike Johnson, Executive Director of the Turning Point Recovery Center of Springfield, talk about what recovery looks like, which factors might lead to addiction, and how having a community helps in the recovery process. Mike opens up about his own experiences, too.

August 2019: The Science of Marijuana with Dr. Alan Budney

Dr. Alan Budney of Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine discusses marijuana’s effect on the developing brain, and answers many common questions about THC and CBD.

July 2019: Why Do People Self-medicate for Depression and Anxiety?

In this episode, Manchester-based therapist Loree Zeif, LICSW, talks with host Elizabeth Kelsey about why people might self-medicate with substances, and how we can be aware of, and treat, such behavior.

June 2019: Understanding Childhood Trauma’s Relationship to Substance Misuse

Host Elizabeth Kelsey talks with Katrin Tchana, LICSW about childhood trauma and its relationship to substance misuse.