420 Ways to Achieve a Natural High

Project Overview

Terms only have the meaning we give to them. The same is true of our own lives, which are defined by what we do with them. Green Peak Alliance’s 420 Ways to Achieve a Natural High campaign is a positive way of reclaiming the term “420” as one filled with an abundance of possibilities for how people can engage in substance-free activities. The project focuses on protective factors and the promotion of developmental assets to inspire individuals in leading rich, meaningful lives filled with fun and memorable experiences without using alcohol or other drugs.

We use campaign materials to share ideas for how people can engage with the world around them year-round in ways that are healthy and constructive. And we invite people to participate by offering their own ideas via Instagram with a special hashtag—#VT420ideas—that we could incorporate into the growing list of 420 possibilities. 


Green Peak Alliance Partners: The Collaborative and Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership

Project Resources

Materials for our 420 Ways to Achieve a Natural High campaign focus on our growing list of substance-free activity examples as displayed on posters, in a campaign flyer, and in graphics and a video developed for social media. Organizations, schools, and providers are encouraged to download the poster and flyer to be displayed around their community. All members of the community are invited to download and promote the social media posts and use the hashtags to engage in the digital media campaign. Customize the provided press release with your coalition’s brand to reach your local partners.

Download the video to your mobile device to upload to your post.
Then, copy and paste this corresponding text into your post:

We’re putting together a list of 420 Ways to Achieve a Natural High. Check out our quick video filled with ideas for embracing life without using substances—and add your own! If we make them part of the campaign we’ll reach out to you about using your photos. #VT420ideas