Retailer Recognition

Project Overview

Green Peak Alliance checks the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery Control’s alcohol retailer compliance check database on a monthly basis to identify new compliance checks that have been completed in the region. We send a letter and certificate of appreciation to local businesses that have passed compliance checks. Additionally, we publicly recognize retailers that have passed compliance checks through social media, website, press releases, and paid ads in local papers. This project further supports regional efforts to reduce underage and binge drinking among persons aged 12 to 20 by encouraging alcohol retailers to continue being vigilant in checking IDs and pass compliance checks.

We would like to recognize alcohol retailers in our region that have successfully passed their compliance checks in the past:

Londonderry Village Market, Jelley’s Auto Care Center, The Garden, Wine and Cheese Depot, Tyson Store, Shaw’s Beer and Wine, Sugarhouse, Ludlow Shell, Ludlow Sunoco, Ludlow 7-11, Singleton’s Store, Chester Jiffy Mart, Meditrina Wine and Cheese, Jake’s Market, Morse’s Market, Route 106 Market, Springfield Irving, Dollar Store, Joe’s Discount Beverage, North Springfield Mobil, Black Rove Kwik Stop


Green Peak Alliance Partners: Black River Area Community Coalition, The Collaborative

Community Organizations: Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery Control 


2018 – Present


Though some alcohol retailers fail their compliance checks, this project highlights that the majority of alcohol retailers regularly pass their checks.

Project Resources

Compliance Check Certificate

Letter to Alcohol Retailers

Flyer for Underage Drinking Town Hall