Prescription Mail-Back Envelopes

Project Overview

Our Prescription Mail-Back Envelopes project focuses on areas that do not have a local permanent prescription drop boxes. These prepaid envelopes are anonymous to use and ship to the DEA where their contents are safely incinerated. Green Peak Alliance partners distributed Mail-back Envelope displays to rural towns’ town offices, multi-unit housing, law enforcement agencies, food banks, dentists, health centers, libraries, fitness centers, senior centers, meals on wheels, faith-based organizations, nursing homes, funeral homes, pharmacies, veterinarians, schools, and school nurses. In addition, Senior Solutions clinicians have envelopes for clients’ home-visits.  Mail-back envelopes have also been displayed  at Health Fair events, Farmers’ Markets, and at Neighborhood Connections’ Soup Social.

The Vermont Department of Health supports this program to cover rural regions that do not have easy access to a permanent disposal box. It is especially useful for people that may be homebound. Medications in any dosage form are allowed in the envelope including prescription patches and ointments, pet medications and vitamins. Syringes or sharps, aerosols or inhalers, or illegal drugs are not allowed in the envelopes.


Green Peak Alliance Partners: Vermont Department of Health, Black River Area Community Coalition, Greater Falls Connections, Mount Ascutney Prevention Partnership, The Collaborative

Community Organizations: Senior Solutions, Chester Food Pantry, Chester Dental, Great Falls Pharmacy, Grafton Cares




Barcodes on envelopes help track regions that use envelope displays or other distribution methods.

Project Resources

Vermont Department of Health’s Medication Mail-Back Envelopes Sign

Vermont Department of Health Prescription Drug Disposal System

Drug Enforcement Agency’s Disposal Locations Finder