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LGBTQ Perspectives Project | Episode 3: Seeing Ourselves in Media

Episode 3: Seeing Ourselves in Media

Community Connections: The LGBTQ Perspectives Project is a mini-docuseries co-produced by the Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership and the Green Peak Alliance. We teamed up with Vermont filmmaker Clare Swanson and subject matter expert Davey Shlasko of Think Again Training and Consulting to create this four-part series. Clare and Davey interviewed 12 amazing individuals and Clare created four short documentary episodes, drawing from themes across the interviews.  Thanks to all the interviewees who shared their perspectives with us, making this project possible.

Many of us see reflections of ourselves in the characters that populate books, TV shows, and movies. But when LGBTQ+ people look to media, what do they see? In this episode, our interviewees critique current media representation and offer up some of their favorite picture books, young adult novels, TV shows, and films that feature positive LGBTQ+ representation.

A Closer Look

Community Access Television in Hartford, VT supported this project with creation of the A Closer Look segments for each episode and distribution of the docuseries, helping it reach a larger audience.